EFFTIPS goes International!

Welcome to our visitors and new subscribers from New Zealand! 

We are excited and surprised to have visitors from the far side of the world to our EFFTIPS blog while it is in its pilot phase.

Please, let us know – How did you hear about this online resource?
And as international subscribers, what kinds of information, supports, and ideas would you like to see on EFFTIPS?

And to our U.S. readers, what kinds of questions might you have for New Zealand practitioners?

 We’re looking forward to hearing from you all!


Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand's South Island


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  1. Hi all…. I am so pleased to receive such warm welcome from EFFTIPS in my email this morning.

    I stumbled upon this site while doing some research about the pros and cons of e-learning. I am currently enrolled in a paper (or subject) called “Online Teaching and Learning,” one of the 7 papers being offered by the Auckland University of Technology’s Master in Adult Literacy and Numeracy.

    I’ve tried researching the topic in our online library and I was overwhelmed with the number of articles about the topic. Mostly are scholarly articles so I am always half asleep while reading them (he he!). Anyway, I said, hmmm… let me just try “googling” and voila! efftips website is on the first page of search result 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know – could you share what search terms you used? I ask because we got *several *folks from New Zealand visiting the site yesterday. Did you share our page with others or did the assignment cause several folks in your class to find us all at once?!

      EFFTIPS is an example of online professional development for adult educators like yourself. Its focus is on standards-based instruction for adult literacy (and numeracy) learners. This blog is in its pilot stages, and we have not yet posted anything focusing on online education techniques for literacy/numeracy learners.

      I assume you are part of this program:

      We are very pleased to be a part of your learning, and would love to have you and/or your classmates as blog participants! Please feel free to ask questions, make comments and let us know about your experiences and needs regarding adult literacy/numeracy instruction and support!

  2. Debbie Miller

    Hi, Yes, I too was surprised and delighted by the warm welcome I received. I have just submitted my last assessment for the Certificate of Adult Literacy Tutoring, which I did through Literacy Aotearoa. It leads to voluntary tutoring in the community. The last assessment involved identifying and describing 3 specialist organisations and their services and/or resources that support adult literacy educators. It was in doing this research that I came across a link to your site and thought it may be a good support for the practical part of the certificate and for my future teaching. I am all for collaborating and sharing ideas rather than reinventing the wheel!

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