Free PD Opportunity – Help Us Pilot Our NEW EFF Online Math Mini-Courses

Register soon to participate in the FREE pilot of our new online mini-course Shaping Up! Connecting Geometry and Algebra for ALL Learners being held  from May 14 – 31st, 2012. Registration deadline May 4th (see below for details).

We are also offering Line ‘Em Up! Linear Functions – Graphs and Equations for ALL Learners from July 23rd – August 6th, 2012. Registration deadline July 6th.

To register for either of these courses, simply send an e-mail to with your full name, preferred phone # and postal mailing address.

The regular course cost of $189 will be waived for the first 15 persons who register and agree to provide pilot feedback.

We are pleased to offer our readers this online professional development opportunity designed to assist adult educators in building a stronger foundation in mathematics for their students and themselves. More information on EFF mini-course and information covered in these courses follows.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment with any questions you have, or to share your experiences with EFF online PD!


Equipped for the Future online mini-courses provide you with one-on-one attention from a content-expert facilitator, and are designed to be completed on your own schedule in approximately 8 hours during the 2 scheduled weeks.

  •      Courses will be open for up to 3 weeks but are intended to be completed in 2 weeks
  •      Participants should plan on committing 3-5 hours per week for a total of 8 hours
  •      Course uses e-mail, online surveys, and individualized online portfolios to post assignments
  •      Certificate of Completion awarded upon completion of all assignments; CEUs available
  •      View the course policies & technical requirements

Shaping Up! Connecting Geometry and Algebra for ALL Learners explores:

  • Ways to introduce geometric concepts like similarity, congruence, perimeter and area to adult learners at ALL educational levels.
  • Developing informal rules and formulas for perimeter and area of rectangular and triangular shapes.
  • Using concrete and visual tools to make sense of geometric situations
  • Applying geometric reasoning in real-world contexts.
  •  Helping learners to see and articulate connections between geometry and algebra

Line ‘Em Up! Linear Functions:Graphs and Equations for ALL Learners explores:

  • Defining & describing functions using familiar examples from your own experiences
  • Making connections among different representations of a function, including
  • in-out tables, graphs, and equations
  • Deriving formulas from patterns in in-out tables and graphs
  • Differentiating between linear and non-linear functions

Again, registration is easy – just send an e-mail to with your name, preferred phone # and postal mailing address.

And remember – course enrollment is FREE for the first 15 persons who register and agree to provide pilot feedback!


For more information on ALL of EFF’s online professional development visit:


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  1. Thanks to all who responded! We have filled both courses and have waiting lists of those who wanting to get in! Here are some of the responses we have had:

    * From Wanda Sherman, ABE/GED Coordinator, Rogue Community College, Oregon:

    Nice, thanks to you for offering this! On a side note, I just pulled things from my Dare to Compare materials to enhance a ‘review’ unit I was doing last week. I really value this learning and resource.

    * From Donna Ball, Portland, OR:
    Yes, Please put me on the waiting list, thank you. I can see why the course is full. You have excellent lessons.

    *From Donna Ball, OK:
    I would love to take the two courses if possible. I really enjoyed the EFF classes. I will be willing to answer all the follow-up questions and to provide testimonials. Your classes have been very helpful.

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