Welcome to EFFTIPS!*

As adult education practitioners, we all want to see the adults and older youth we work with succeed.

Hosted by the Equipped for the Future (EFF) Project, this site provides short, readily applicable teaching and learning strategies instructors can both try out immediately and further explore.  Posts are designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas among adult education teachers implementing standards-based instruction and/or quality instructional principles.

Adult/older youth populations addressed by our posts include those seeking basic literacy skills, GED test preparation, skills for success in first or new careers,  English Language improvement, support for post-secondary transition, and more.

Our Contributors: while EFF Content Experts craft most of the posts on this site, we also draw from practitioners’ actual classroom experiences. We encourage you, as participants and practitioners, to feel free to submit ideas, questions and anecdotes for possible posting. Simply e-mail us at eff@utk.edu.

This Site is YOUR community! The content on this site depends on you to not only read, but also to post comments, ideas, and/or questions frequently.

Your experiences and thoughts will help to support and enrich
other teachers and learners in the field of adult education! 

While anyone is welcome to read and comment on this site, it is fully moderated in order to prevent spam, hackers, and abusive comments.

*EFFTIPS stands for Equipped for the Future: Teachers’ Instructional Practices and Strategies.

Support for EFFTIPS

EFFTIPS is funded in part by a grant from the Dollar General Foundation for 2011-2012. Dollar General funding has also been instrumental in the development and piloting of EFF Online Courses and curriculum materials/trainings, including the Preparing for Work and Preparing for Careers in Sales and Service curricula.

Equipped for the Future (EFF) is a research-based project providing training, materials, guidance, expertise, and ongoing support to programs and practitioners in the fields of Adult Literacy and basic Career Preparation.  The EFF project has been conducting research, providing professional development, and supporting adult literacy and workforce development since 1995.

Through the EFF Content Standards, the Equipped for the Future Project strives to support instructors and programs to foster the knowledge and skills adults needed to “…be literate and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy, exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and help their children succeed in school.”

The EFF project is one of several projects that currently comprise the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment in Knoxville, TN. Founded in 1988, the Center’s original charge was to link interdisciplinary efforts within the University of Tennessee with practitioners in the field of adult literacy. The Center has expanded this charge to include lifelong literacy and continuous improvement of the fields of education and workforce development, and now works actively with many other state and national organizations. The Center works to link theory and practice through research, training, advocacy and resources,  as well as building and sharing the knowledge of the field.


Please share your experiences, questions, thoughts, or ideas!

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