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EFF Content Experts

Donna Curry

Donna has been a part of the Equipped for the Future (EFF) standards-based educational reform initiative since 1995.  She is an expert in  standards-based teaching, learning, and assessment  – particularly in the areas of math and work readiness. She provides professional development on many topics nationally, develops curriculum – including online course materials,  and has been instrumental in both Project TIAN (Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy) and the Adult Numeracy Initiative (ANI).

Donna enjoys applying math in everyday situations such as determining how long she has to garden once the last frost has hit, navigating her boat using charts, and figuring out the cost of maintaining several furry feline friends.  More about Donna

Aaron Kohring

Aaron is the current manager for the Equipped for the Future (EFF) project at the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment. He has extensive experience with standards-based education and has specific content knowledge and experience in the areas of Adult Reading, Mathematics/Numeracy, Learning Disabilities (LD), and Workforce Preparation.  Aarons is a trained Learning to Achieve facilitator and online PD content developer for the Office of Vocational Education’s (OVAE) LINCS project, and has previously served as the LINCS LD content coordinator. Aaron’s other experiences include work with  Project TIAN (Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy) as well as adult instruction in a variety of settings – one-on-one tutoring, ABE, GED, and ESOL.

Aaron enjoys gardening, reading, and hiking and loves making pottery when time permits.  He lives with a menagerie of critters including three cats and four tanks of tropical fish.

Peggy McGuire

Peggy McGuire photoPeggy is a training specialist and senior research associate at the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment (CLEE) and an expert in standards-based teaching, learning and assessment  – particularly in the areas of writing, math and work readiness.  After joining CLS  in 1999, Peggy served as the EFF Assessment Coordinator for the National Institute of Literacy, assisting in the development of the EFF content standards and assessment framework, and subsequent national teacher training. She has also provided research and evaluation support for both Project TIAN (Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy) and the Adult Numeracy Initiative (ANI). She continues to support practitioners engaged in standards-based education nationally.

Peggy continues to support practitioners engaged in standards-based education nationally through curriculum development, support of program quality improvement, and training – both in-person and online. She lives in the wooded hills of Mt. Gretna – a town built in 1892 on the site of a Church of the Brethren Summer Camp meeting, and a still-operating Chatauqua.           More about Peggy

Andy Nash

Andy is a Professional Development Specialist at the New England Literacy Resource Center and World Education, Inc. where part of her time is dedicated to the Equipped for the Future (EFF) initiative. She specializes in participatory ESOL, learner persistence, standards-based instruction, workforce education, and the integration of adult education with civic engagement.

Andy is currently working on state and national projects related to standards implementation, teacher effectiveness, and preparing adult education and college instructors to integrate curriculum. She also facilitates professional development on learner persistence based on her past work as co-director of The New England Learner Persistence project.  More about Andy

Duren Thompson 

Duren is a Professional Development Program Coordinator at the at the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment (CLEE), currently specializing in technology-related PD activities, particularly Web 2.0 technologies and support for online PD courses and delivery methods. Duren’s first experience with the Equipped for the Future (EFF) initiative was as an adult education instructor implementing the framework with her low literacy learners in 1999. Part of the EFF project team at CLS since in 2008, she serves as content editor and blog administrator for EFFTIPS.  Duren’s background includes expertise in in applications of Multiple Intelligences Theory, supporting adults with Learning Disabilities, and accountability measurement. She is also a certified BEST Plus Assessment Trainer.

Duren  loves learning about new technologies and connecting with other passionate practitioners online. She lives in Knoxville, TN with her family, seven computers and an enormous collection of books.   More about Duren

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Contributing Practitioners

Elizabeth Gardner

Elizabeth is Workforce Preparation Instructor at Suits for Success in Jersey City, NJ. As a participant in EFF’s WorkPATHS program, funded by Dollar General, she has been teaching her adult clients using the EFF Preparing for Work curriculum for the past 3 years.




Donna Parrish

Donna works for Rogue Community College in Oregon, primarily with ABE/GED students in all subject areas, but often with a particular focus in math. She says of herself:

“I am from beautiful Cave Junction, Oregon where the summer nights are cool, trees are hugged, and all the teachers are above average. I have taught math for about a hundred years from 7th grade through the whole of college algebra.  I feel, however, that I lack comfort in teaching algebra to our particular adult audience, and to confess, I wish I could go back to those (non-adult learner) classes I already taught, but teach better. EFF has assisted me to better ground my teaching in real life experiences, and to incorporate more hands-on activities and student interaction around math.”

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